A Sexy Submissive Mother and her Dominant Teenage Son (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Introduction: 6 months after his father died, Kyle has no idea his mother is having increasingly lustful thoughts about him becoming her dominant lover. She fantasizes about him taking charge and doing whatever he wants with her firm body. When her frustration becomes too much she throws caution to the winds and seduces him, setting … Read more

Seducing Our Teens Chapter 01 – Dirty Incest Roleplay (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Introduction: Wifey role-plays as their sexy daughter as a treat for hubbyI was eager to get home. Eager, but I didn’t until I finished up with the paperwork. It was a Friday evening, and like many other Fridays, I stayed back to tie up any loose ends in my company. I work as a paper … Read more

My Ex gone wild pt. 1 – Room service Maid fucking (English sex stories from ONSporn)

After I split up with my girlfriend, I looked for another one and she also looked for a guy. However, we still kept in touch. Once she said that the current one doesn’t know how to satisfy her, and on top of that he would starve her to death. I understood, because I know that … Read more

Trying Out The Boss (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Im boss, I have my own office, Secretary, etc.I run a successful Lingerie business, I attend big AGM meetings and the like, making million dollar deals, arranging million dollar contracts, and im very good at what I do.Anyway, im screening items for the new catalogue, the new summer range for sale, as the Head honcho, … Read more

Chemistry Tutor (English sex stories from ONSporn)

The classroom was hot and the air stagnant. Once again I found myself slipping in and out of sleep. The lids of my eyes felt heavy, and my arm didn’t seem to want to hold my head up with much strength. English sex stories from indiansexvideo The chemistry teacher was going on about important things … Read more


I had met Faheem, at a sex club a few months ago. He was young and attractive and looked like he had expensive taste too. His attire and attitude reflected that but at the same time he was a sex fiend. We got talking that night as we watched a woman tied up and get … Read more

My Woman LIkes It Rough (English sex stories from ONSporn)

My girl and I have always had a very sexual relationship. It was based on physical attraction from day one. A few months into our carrying on I discovered what she really liked though. English sex stories from indiansexvideo It was rather apparent she liked to be sexually dominated by me. In bed she loved … Read more

Threesome 2 girls and 1 guy (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Ok it started out that we were at the Halloween party, our first one. You me and Shelby are all fucked up, but you’re fucked up worse than we are because you’d been guzzling Jello shooters like fucking water. Shelby pulls me to the side and whispers a very naughty plan in my ear *imagine … Read more

Hostage (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Kylie’s pussy lips quivered. Her whole body was both excited and scared. Laying face down on a fainting couch wasn’t her idea of fun though. The shackles which connected her ankles and wrists behind her buttocks were strong and cold. A ball gag had been roughly pushed in between her teeth when she had heroically … Read more

The Big House (English sex stories from ONSporn)

 this is a story that myself and partner wrote together taking in turns to write paragraphs. hope enjoy as much as we did English sex stories from indiansexvideo There is a group of people. Six couples. They have all been eating and drinking in the outdoors as it is hot and sunny. The air is … Read more