Second time with a guy- and my girlfriend Threesome

A few months had gone by since my encounter with a stranger behind a rest stop. It was now the beginning of the summer, and New York is the best place to experience summer. Be it rooftop parties, trips to the shore, or just lazy days at home, summer had always been my favorite. My … Read more

Linda, Part 1 – Beginnings Threesome

Linda, Part 1 – Beginnings I had met Linda three years earlier. She left her husband and moved in with me within a year. I was, from all she said, the lover she had always wanted. When it came to sex, her ex had ranged from lackluster to not interested, at best. sex videos in … Read more

A Bumpy Road First Time Sex

I woke up to a pounding on my door. “Wake up Matty”, my mother yelled out. “We’re leaving in 10 minutes, and if you’re not ready there’s going to be hell to pay.” An empty threat that I knew my pushover mom would never follow through on. None the less, I really did need to … Read more

Rain Soaked Soccer Girls Threesome

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these types of situations. My neighbor is a single mom who has a daughter named Kellie. The weekend weather indicated non-stop rain, but Kellie’s school soccer team still played the final match of the year that afternoon. Unfortunately, June (my neighbor) got called in to work . … Read more

Daddy’s Game Threesome

I left work early that Friday night because I knew, I just knew my fourteen year old daughter Morgan and her best friend Sadie were up to no good. Boys, I thought to myself, it was definitely boys. I knew it from the way my porn DVDs and magazines were always in a different spot … Read more

Thursday night Threesome

Tony was sitting at his comp in his room, slowly stroking off as he surfed his fave site for something to catch his eye. He was still scanning pages when he heard a knock on his door. Quickly, he hit the panic button and a word doc popped open, showing his homework. pron “Yeah?” he … Read more

My Endearing Angels Threesome

“Daddy!” Emma’s voice echoed through the Livingroom. I had just been shopping for groceries when Emma came sprinting down the stairs. “Did you get Alice’s snacks?” Emma spoke excitingly. Emma herself would never ask for any snacks, but usually made her twin-sister Alice ask for twice as much. As if I wouldn’t notice. blue film … Read more

Hostage (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Kylie’s pussy lips quivered. Her whole body was both excited and scared. Laying face down on a fainting couch wasn’t her idea of fun though. The shackles which connected her ankles and wrists behind her buttocks were strong and cold. A ball gag had been roughly pushed in between her teeth when she had heroically … Read more

पहली बार मेरी गांड की चुदाई (Hindi sex stories from ONSporn)

दोस्तो, मेरा नाम विकास है, मेरी उम्र 24 साल है। hindi sex stories from indiansexvideo ये इंडियन गे सेक्स स्टोरीज मेरी सच्ची गांड की चुदाई पर आधारित है, जो मैं आप लोगों के साथ शेयर कर रहा हूँ। मुझे पहले गांड की चुदाई के बारे में कुछ पता नहीं था लेकिन मुझे बचपन से ही … Read more

Madhvi, Daya, Sonu aur Tapu ki foursome chudai (Hindi sex stories from ONSporn)

Hello friends ye kahani hai ki Tapu ne kaise Madhvi aur Sonu ko 1-1 kar ke chodne ki. hindi sex stories from indiansexvideo To Jethalal, Bapuji aur Bhide tino kahi ghumne gaye hue the. Daya ne Sonu aur Madhvi bhabhi ko raat ke khane ke liye invite kiya tha. Raat ko 9 baje wo gada … Read more