Cherry – chapter 3 (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Chapter 3 “Where is she?! Where is my daughter?!” Cherry’s mother began interrogating me.I remained calm and said, “She is where she is supposed to be: she is at school.” Wishing to avoid creating a scene for the neighbors to gossip about, I motioned to the other doors close by and invited the clearly angry … Read more

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My straight friend was in lust for a gorgeous feminine looks younger guy, he needed my assistance to fuck his virgin ass. English sex stories from indiansexvideo Chad is one of my close friends, he works as a bartender, I was home alone when he called me saying, “Luci, what are you doing now?” I … Read more


I was quite a skinny man at 18 and hadn’t quite filled out yet. I was not too attracted to girls, but Mom said that I would eventually. Because I didn’t care if girls looked at me or not, I never tried to get a hot body. I had a best friend, Shane with whom … Read more

Mother’s Day (English sex stories from ONSporn)

“Hey Captain!” I said into my phone. English sex stories from indiansexvideo “Hey Sailor!” my dad said. “How are they hanging?” I queried. “One in front of the other, for speed!” He’s a fighter pilot, that’s the standard reply. “And yourself?” “I’m high speed, low-drag sir!” We both chuckled. I’m not in the Navy, just … Read more

Him & her (English sex stories from ONSporn)

I start with a feather running it on the outer side of your arms, then up & down your legs. Then between your toes, across the bottom of your feet. Up a leg, to your stomach. Up… English sex stories from indiansexvideo I start with a feather running it on the outer side of your … Read more

Licking Priya Didi’s Ass (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Priya is one of my family friends. She is skinny with big ass, figure- 32-24-39. It is the story of the time when I was 20 and she was 23. English sex stories from indiansexvideo Our family relation started was since we came to Mumbai in 1998 when I was 5 years old. At that … Read more

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This story is about how I seduced and fucked my elder cousin sister who was 42 years old. I have changed names to protect identity. English sex stories from indiansexvideo Hi, I am Aditya from Kolkata, 28 male. I do family business and we live in a well-to-do neighborhood. Everyone here has their own Bungalow. … Read more

Ghar ke naukar ne chut aur gaand maari (Hindi sex stories from ONSporn)

Hamari shadi ko 5 saal ho gaye the ek bacha bhi hai 3 saal ka. Bache hone ke baad mere pati apne business me kuch jayda hi time bitane lage. Aur me ghar me akele rehne lagi. Mera figure 36, 32, 40 ka hai. Thodi moti dikhne lagi thi bache hone ke baad. hindi sex … Read more