Good Neighbours Ch. 2 Cheating Wife

Chapter 2 It was pretty late the next morning when I woke up, images from the day before still fresh in my mind. I rolled over and looked at the clock. 11:13. Well, that’s to be expected when you stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning, watching the video you made while spying … Read more

Good Neighbours Ch. 1 Cheating Wife

Chapter 1Goddamn it’s too hot, even for July! I thought to myself, wiping sweat out of my eyes as I pushed the mower around the backyard. With the temperatures being so high for so long, and having less rain than the desert over the last month, I was surprised my grass was even still alive, … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 06 Cheating Wife

The pain was excruciating. I was only dimly aware of the light going from white to yellow before I lost consciousness. When I woke up, my muddled brain didn’t seem to want to work. I vaguely remembered being with Lela, making the switch that I thought would work on her (or trying to), and then … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 05 Cheating Wife

Standing in the cool white light, in the featureless room, I examined the alien in front of me. Her eyes looked white tonight, with a hint of blue around the edges, and light seemed to ripple around her nude frame while her fingers pressed invisible buttons in the air. I wondered briefly how she made … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 04 Cheating Wife

“You are the one. Come with me.” A flash of light blinded me, and I was no longer in my room. I’m blind, was the first thought that went through my head. I must be mad, was the second, as my vision began to clear, and my surroundings came into focus. Or rather, lack of … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 03 Cheating Wife

Blue lights flashing across my closed eyes woke me immediately. “He’s awake,” a harsh whisper sounded in my room, “quick, silence him!” A thick hand covered my mouth, and it was only then that I decided to try making noises. More hands grabbed me, and held me down, as the one with the flashlight came … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 02 Cheating Wife

I woke up with a start, heart thumping in my chest, and sweat dripping from my brow, and looked around my room. Just a dream. It was just another nightmare, I kept telling myself. Images of strange pink creatures burning, dying, and the sounds of screams still echoed in my throbbing head. Looking to the … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 01 Cheating Wife

Blue lights… A whirring sound… Something pokes my arm… Head is throbbing… I can’t feel my arm… Oh no, what have they done with my arm? A pink shadow bends over me. Sweat soaked, I sit up in bed, terror filling my mind and thoughts. I quickly look at my right arm, and breathe a … Read more

How about a Pic? 3 Cheating Wife

How about a Pic – Chapter 3 – What a lovely evening… I awoke to the gurgles of the pool and the warm summer air drifting through the trees. I looked upwards to see that the light in the sky was growing much dimmer and the air much cooler than it had been before I … Read more

How About a Pic? 2 Cheating Wife

How About a Pic? – Chapter Two – Laura Arrives I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was determined to keep my cool. I stood in the pool where my sister-in-law Hannah and I had just fucked. I was still a little perplexed at the whole scene as I had never thought in real … Read more