Lost and Found Chapter 3 Threesome

On the next morning, I went down to the kitchen to find my mom preparing breakfast. She was humming a familiar tune while cutting up some fruits at the counter. I shuffled to the fridge, poured myself a glass of orange juice and then perked up onto one of the counter seats. bf video hd … Read more

His Mom My Mom Threesome

Jack and I have been best friends since he moved in next door when I was six. My name is Burt and I’m 17 years old and Jack is the same. My story starts when we were both 14.Jacks Mom and my parents are also the best of friends. Jacks mother Faye baby sat me … Read more

Breeding Stock First Time Sex

Chapter one – The celebration of defeat I was lined up in the launch tube. The check system for my Combat Armor, Tactical, Heavy, was running. Our last ditch assault on the Instagian home world would launch in a few minutes. This war had lasted far too long. I had been a CATH pilot for … Read more

Good Neighbours Ch. 2 Cheating Wife

Chapter 2 It was pretty late the next morning when I woke up, images from the day before still fresh in my mind. I rolled over and looked at the clock. 11:13. Well, that’s to be expected when you stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning, watching the video you made while spying … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 06 Cheating Wife

The pain was excruciating. I was only dimly aware of the light going from white to yellow before I lost consciousness. When I woke up, my muddled brain didn’t seem to want to work. I vaguely remembered being with Lela, making the switch that I thought would work on her (or trying to), and then … Read more

How About a Pic? 2 Cheating Wife

How About a Pic? – Chapter Two – Laura Arrives I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was determined to keep my cool. I stood in the pool where my sister-in-law Hannah and I had just fucked. I was still a little perplexed at the whole scene as I had never thought in real … Read more

My daughters dildo Family Sex

This is not my story, it’s a great story which is why I’m posting it here. Oh, and it’s a long one with more to come, and apologies for not breaking it down into chapters.Enjoy….Written by DirtyMindedMomBeing a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a daughter. Nicole’s mom has been out of … Read more

Rain Soaked Soccer Girls Threesome

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these types of situations. My neighbor is a single mom who has a daughter named Kellie. The weekend weather indicated non-stop rain, but Kellie’s school soccer team still played the final match of the year that afternoon. Unfortunately, June (my neighbor) got called in to work . … Read more

Daddy’s Game Threesome

I left work early that Friday night because I knew, I just knew my fourteen year old daughter Morgan and her best friend Sadie were up to no good. Boys, I thought to myself, it was definitely boys. I knew it from the way my porn DVDs and magazines were always in a different spot … Read more

First time with the girls Threesome

Ever since I was 14 I had a crush on my neighbor, I was good friends with her brother and every time I went to their house I would try my best to impress her. She never really noticed me and she always had a boyfriend, it didn’t surprise me though, she had jet black … Read more