How I Became a Lesbian Slave Threesome

I’ve written this story from the point of view of a married woman. For the record, I am a middle aged married man who likes to write porn stories in my spare time. This is my first attempt at writing in the first person perspective, so I hope to see lots of feedback and none … Read more

Melissa likes to watch Threesome

Summer had finally ended and it was back to school for junior year. I was excited to see all my friends and all my favorite girls every day. Walking through the halls was just a festival of hugs and kisses and stories of what everyone did over the summer. There were some exciting stories too! … Read more

A Neighborly Surprise Threesome

Our hot tub is enclosed in a veranda for use during the winter months. One wall, made totally of sliding glass panels, faces a patio area and opens completely, facing the back of the house. A second faces the pool and can also be opened like the first. The two back walls are solid, for … Read more

Spring Break: Part 2 Threesome

DAY 3: __________3:19 AM My eyes fluttered slowly open, still heavy with sleep, as two rough hands toyed with my breasts. For a moment, I was disoriented – after all, I was naked, in Eric’s bed, in the dark, and I was being groped shamefully. And then the memories of the night before filled in … Read more

Harry Potter and the Sisters Black – The Complete Saga PART TWO (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Back in Ancient Runes, Harry’s distracted for several minutes before he can bring his Occulmency training to bear. English sex stories from indiansexvideo Finally, class is dismissed, with almost no homework assigned to anyone. As they walk to lunch, Hermione explains that Marissa rarely assigns homework. At lunch, the six eat at the Gryffindor table … Read more

Naughty Babysitter (English sex stories from ONSporn)

Paul and Tina have been married for about 6 years, and have a 3 year old daughter. English sex stories from indiansexvideo Instead of taking their daughter to a daycare, they have a babysitter come in to watch her during the day. They had just recently hired a new babysitter, Jennifer, an 18 year old … Read more

Kaylee’s hair peeks out (English sex stories from ONSporn)

“You know, I can see your … hair,” whispered Gina, before dissolving into giggles. “GINA! You are AWFUL!” Kaylee clapped both her hands over the front of the yellow bikini bottoms. She stood still for a moment, holding back a giggle, chewing her bottom lip. “Ummm … Can you really?” Kaylee slowly dropped her hands … Read more

Staying Close to My Sister (English sex stories from ONSporn)

I sat at the breakfast table, staring at the off-white sheet of paper before me. My jaw hung open, as I was utterly mystified by the writing on the page. The paper didn’t have some special chemical formula for growing a bigger penis, nor did it have instructions for how to talk to a girl … Read more

King Dong (English sex stories from ONSporn)

King Dong By Lubrican Chapter 1 Kathy was at the age where she knew she had to go to these big familygatherings, but could only think of perhaps fifteen or twenty things she’drather be doing. She knew it wouldn’t do any good to protest, and she’dgotten in the car with her sister and mother, but … Read more

Canadian Vacation (English sex stories from ONSporn)

We are a family of three, two boys and me, the girl in the middle. We were on vacation with our parents to some far away, solitary resort in Canada. Our mom and dad were hiking and biking nuts and thought that being close to nature was the best thing in the world. Of course, … Read more