I lost my virginity to my sister First Time Sex

Hi to all those that read my last story. Thanks for feedback. Just to clarify a few points; our ages were actually younger than I first wrote the last story, I wasnt sure if I should have discosed our ages. The year was 1983, I was 13, my sister was 11. That explains the slow … Read more

A Bumpy Road First Time Sex

I woke up to a pounding on my door. “Wake up Matty”, my mother yelled out. “We’re leaving in 10 minutes, and if you’re not ready there’s going to be hell to pay.” An empty threat that I knew my pushover mom would never follow through on. None the less, I really did need to … Read more

Sheltered Siblings First Time Sex

The sound of a fist banging against my bedroom door slowly began to draw me out of the deep sleep that I was in. It was Saturday, why on earth was someone knocking on my door to wake me up! This was the only morning that I could actually sleep in, weekdays I had to … Read more

Julie First time Sex

This is the story of myself and Julie. Julie was my first. The story seems like it went on for a long time, but when it was over it seemed as if it had happened in a flash. Still, it is engraved into my mind. Julie and I had known each other since we were … Read more

The Little Mormon Girl First time Sex

I lived in Spokane, WA when my wife was killed by a drunk driver.She was coming home from work late one night when it happened.I got the phone call at 1:45 AM and when I told my three kidsthe next morning we were all a mess of tears. We saw a therapistfor months afterward and … Read more

The Farmer’s Little Daughter First time Sex

Part 1 (the kitchen) There ought to be a law against a man’s adolescent young daughter growing up to be so goddamn sexy! If there was such a law, that daughter of mine would most certainly be breaking it. Why, a judge would throw the book at her, lock her sexy female ass up in … Read more

Daughter’s Accident First time Sex

Daughter’s Accident When Chelsea was nine, her mother died of cancer, and I was left to raise her alone. This was not a problem, because Chelsea was smart, active, cute and all around, a “good” little girl. She was growing to be the spitting image of her mother, with bright red hair, brilliant blue eyes … Read more

Stripping For My Nephew First time Sex

I slid my hands over my skinny toned stomach as I smoothly put my slinky black bra over my round D cup breasts. My nipples were still erect from my performance. I slid on a white wool sweater and tied my silky blond hair into a loose bun. I pulled out the last of the … Read more

How Traditions Start – part 4 First time Sex

An original story by Starrynight. Enjoy. A gentle snow began falling over the fletchers’ farm. It was the first snow of the season and it brought with it a promise of Christmas. Liz looked out her bedroom window, marveling the magical white sight, as Tom was throwing another log into the small fireplace they had … Read more

How Traditions Start – part 2 First Time Sex

An original story by Starrynight Enjoy: Molly watched her mother and brother enter the guest bedroom, close the door behind them and heard them lock it. She followed her father to his and her mother’s bedroom and was starting to feel frightened as he too locked the door behind them. If Molly didn’t know any … Read more