My daughters dildo Family Sex

This is not my story, it’s a great story which is why I’m posting it here. Oh, and it’s a long one with more to come, and apologies for not breaking it down into chapters.Enjoy….Written by DirtyMindedMomBeing a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a daughter. Nicole’s mom has been out of … Read more

Saving mommy’s marriage Family Sex

I came home one day a few hours earlier than I normally would and was pleased to see my mother’s car in the driveway. Usually she’d come home about an hour after I would and It was nice I wouldn’t be alone all afternoon. Mom always made tea with cookies and she’d let me help … Read more

Hung Like a Horse Family Sex

Every summer, our family took a trip to visit our relatives on their farm. It was a trip that my sister and I looked forward to every year. For two weeks, we basically had the run of the land with little or no supervision. We got to explore all of the barns, watch the animals, … Read more

My son and I 2 Family Sex

It was a warm spring evening and I found myself at home alone. My daughter was spending the night at a friends house and my son was at a party. He had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school. He and his classmates would be graduating soon and going off to different … Read more

My Son and I almost caught Family Sex

It was mid August and my son would soon be going off to college. We had been having sex for about 5 months. I was going to miss my son and the sex but I knew he needed to do this for his future. Many of his friends were also going off to college and … Read more

Farm girl -part 4 Family Sex

I hung there for long minutes, mewling and sobbing in pain, making strange little sounds, and trying to somehow bring my cunt that last tiny bit of the way to an orgasm so I could have some relief from the burning, pulsing heat. sex video open sex video open My mother finally became annoyed enough … Read more

Farm Girl – part 3 Family Sex

Thats the way we went on for a while. After that second attack, it was just like the first. For the first couple of days he wouldn’t be able to look at me when I was around, then he would start watching me, staring at my ass and tits whenever we were near each other. … Read more

Farm Girl – part 2 Family Sex

I didn’t even notice when Tony let go of my wrists, but suddenly he was there between my legs. I just lay there helplessly, letting him do as he wanted, too exhausted by the ordeal with his father to offer any resistance. xxx chudai com He slid his cock up and down along the lips … Read more

Farm Girl – part 1 Family Sex

Riding had always seemed to me to be a very erotic experience. The repeated thumping of the hard saddle against my crotch stimulated my clit and my imagination. With my legs spread wide apart across the thick body of Max, my stallion, I could close my eyes and imagine the hips of a gorgeous blonde … Read more

Little sis, Big sis, and Me Threesome

“Joey, are you down there?” asked my sister. “I’ve lost my baton. Have you seen it downstairs in the basement?” Turning, I saw Aimie slowly descending the steep steps leading down into our dimly-lit basement. At 16 years of age, Aimie was my idea of a female she-devil come to life. The irritating child was … Read more