Good Neighbours Ch. 1 Cheating Wife

Chapter 1Goddamn it’s too hot, even for July! I thought to myself, wiping sweat out of my eyes as I pushed the mower around the backyard. With the temperatures being so high for so long, and having less rain than the desert over the last month, I was surprised my grass was even still alive, … Read more

Bait and Switch Ch. 01 Cheating Wife

Blue lights… A whirring sound… Something pokes my arm… Head is throbbing… I can’t feel my arm… Oh no, what have they done with my arm? A pink shadow bends over me. Sweat soaked, I sit up in bed, terror filling my mind and thoughts. I quickly look at my right arm, and breathe a … Read more

Melissa likes to watch Threesome

Summer had finally ended and it was back to school for junior year. I was excited to see all my friends and all my favorite girls every day. Walking through the halls was just a festival of hugs and kisses and stories of what everyone did over the summer. There were some exciting stories too! … Read more

A Neighborly Surprise Threesome

Our hot tub is enclosed in a veranda for use during the winter months. One wall, made totally of sliding glass panels, faces a patio area and opens completely, facing the back of the house. A second faces the pool and can also be opened like the first. The two back walls are solid, for … Read more

Spring Break: Part 1 Threesome

DAY 1:__________It wasn’t exactly how I’d been dreaming I’d spend my spring break, but then again, it was better than anything else I had planned. Adjusting my nametag with “Lara Baines” spelled out in bold letters, I hurried after the group of students beginning the opening tour. sexy blue film indian The college I’d chosen … Read more

Kristina Is Pimped Out By The Tire Repairman Threesome

The warm water cascaded down Kristina’s back before falling to the floor of the shower and flowing to the drain. She sighed from the pleasant feeling of being enveloped in a steamy cloud of wet warmth. Her flaming hair was piled high on her head to prevent it from being drenched from the steady stream … Read more

Tricked and Treated at a Halloween Party Threesome

A virgin gets a Halloween surprise of his life. My whole life has been somewhat of a planned activity. Everyday I had the same routine; go to school, stay after for soccer, go home, clean up and do homework, hang out with friends, and sleep. I didn’t have time much for anything else, let alone … Read more

Coquette and her cuckold 4 Threesome

The bathroom became a sauna as the steam rose from the hot tub, making my vision as cloudy and indistinct as my thoughts.Julie sank lower in the water, like a crocodile slinking back into the river after consuming its prey. bf jabardasti wala The water wrapped itself around her breasts, the surface taking the shape … Read more

Coquette and her cuckold  3 Threesome

Julie handed Dave and me a plastic cup each and filled them with vodka. Then she leaned back against the edge of the pool and took a drink straight from the bottle. What little glow there was from the string of coloured lights that surrounded the pool, was just enough to highlight the silhouette of … Read more

Coquette and her cuckold 2 Threesome

By the time we returned to our holiday villa, it was well past 11 o’clock.The combination of a late dinner and Julie’s desire for an extended masturbation on the walk back had taken us into the quieter part of the evening. pani xxx We could hear the local band playing some easy rhythms in the … Read more