Swapping Cousins First Time Sex

Tod and Sissy Bracklin were two fairly normal kids, who had a fairly normal relationships as brother and sister. Tod, being 17, could drive and Sissy, being 14 loved to shop, so it wasn’t unusual for them to spend time together as Tod ferried her from place to place. In each place he had friends … Read more

Honeymoon Cruise of Briana and Uncle Jake First Time Sex

First, some background: my older brother had married a gorgeous woman a few years younger than him, she had daughter when she was younger, so my niece wasn’t technically blood related to me. She was only 6 when her mother married into the family, she took a liking to me instantly. We had a playful, … Read more

Sheltered Siblings First Time Sex

The sound of a fist banging against my bedroom door slowly began to draw me out of the deep sleep that I was in. It was Saturday, why on earth was someone knocking on my door to wake me up! This was the only morning that I could actually sleep in, weekdays I had to … Read more

Alexis’ slumber party  First Time Sex

Chris was an average man, nothing special. He had a good job working as a systems manager for a big company which allowed him to work from home if he wanted. He had a beautiful wife Ashley that was a doctor at the local hospital and a daughter Alexis that as she got older looked … Read more

Emily Helps Her Little Brother First Time Sex

It was the custom in Baker family for as long as Emily could remember. The whole family from her Mom’s side would gather at one of the sibling’s homes for Christmas. It would usually last about a week. This year, it fell to Emily’s family to host the event. The week before all the family … Read more

Kelli 1971 First Time Sex

She wasn’t THE prettiest girl I knew, but she was certainly one of them. And to my way of thinking, Kelli was the ultimate Girl Next Door – and I’m sure you would have agreed, if you happened to be (as I was at the time) an athletic, fun-loving, mischievous fourteen-year-old boy. She was a … Read more

Stripping For My Nephew First time Sex

I slid my hands over my skinny toned stomach as I smoothly put my slinky black bra over my round D cup breasts. My nipples were still erect from my performance. I slid on a white wool sweater and tied my silky blond hair into a loose bun. I pulled out the last of the … Read more

The Unspoken Game – Part 3 First time Sex

I was in my car driving down Oak Street towards what was probably going to be my new apartment. While I was on the camping trip with my friends, one of the guys offered me to join him as a roommate in an apartment he lives in. Because his family owns the apartment, rent would … Read more

How Traditions Start – part 4 First time Sex

An original story by Starrynight. Enjoy. A gentle snow began falling over the fletchers’ farm. It was the first snow of the season and it brought with it a promise of Christmas. Liz looked out her bedroom window, marveling the magical white sight, as Tom was throwing another log into the small fireplace they had … Read more

Exhibitionist Sister – Chapters 1 – 3 Threesome

Chapter 1 – Movie Night Exhibitionist Ashley shows off in front of her sister. My name is Brian, and my girlfriend’s name is Ashley. She has a sister who is a year and some change younger than her named Madison. Madison’s has a girlfriend (Madison is bi) whose name is Alyssa. It was a Friday … Read more